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Have you heard it? Not many have. If you ever do hear it, only then will you fully understand why the majestic "spitting and drumming" sounds of an old dominant Tom, can cause conscientious men to bid their families and careers farewell during turkey season in an attempt to hear it.

If you have heard it, he was close. When they're close, strange things may occur. Some have said they felt the ground shaking. One, told me that he knew the bird was close behind and while remaining motionless, looked out of the lower corner of his eye and could see the bottom of a beard a few inches away. The closeness caused this hunter to "black out" from lack of oxygen.

Gene Nunnery, "The Old Pro Turkey Hunter," said "the real reward for successful turkey hunting lay in winning the battle, not necessarily exterminating the foe". Our guides are fanatical about turkeys and will get you into a battle. It will then be up to you, should you decide to exterminate the foe.

Our three day hunts include all meals and lodging and a two bird limit. We limit the number of hunts to four per year in order to protect our abundant population. It has been said that if you can kill a turkey in Alabama, then you can kill them anywhere. Test your turkey skills at Pine Ridge.




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