Quail Hunting

Barbour County is known as a “must hunt” destination for dedicated bird hunters. The famous Elhew Kennel was located just 20 minutes to our north and Wycott Plantation, 10 minutes to the east. Birds are the owner’s true passion, and no expense is spared when it comes to managing its quail habitat.

A day hunting birds at Pine Ridge is the “Crown Jewel” and only offered to the most serious bird hunters who appreciate fine shotguns, great dogs, and the Bobwhite Quail.

We recommend packing a pair of briar pants or chaps in order to make your hunt more comfortable. Seasoned bird hunters are always commenting on how well our birds fly and how knowledgeable and courteous our guides are. If for some reason you do run out of shells or just want to hunt a little longer, for just “one” more, there are never any additional fees or charges.

Hunting Rates

Half Day Hunt
$2,400 (4 Guests) Includes lunch and light snack following hunt

Full Day Hunt
$3,600 (4 Guests) Includes all meals and lodging